NEFTEGAS TERRITORY JOURNAL is the leading scientific and practical publication for the equipment and 

technologies of the oil and gas industry.

It is among the journals that are reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of 

Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

It has been issued since 2001 with the support of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

Target audience: managers and leading specialists of the oil and gas companies operating in the territory 

of Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS and non-CIS countries, research assistants, 

professors, Ph.D. candidates and students from specialized universities.    

Distribution - by subscription, and at more than 120 exhibitions, conferences and other industrial 


Subscription - through the catalogue of Rospechat (index 36129) and as revised.

Information sponsor of the leading oil and gas forums.

Organizer of the scientific and practical conferences, including international ones. 

Circulation – 20,000 copies. Format – А4, full color. Volume – 80 spreads and more.

Main thematic sections:

Automation and software;


Geologic exploration. Geophysics;

Diagnostics. Industrial safety;

Oil and gas production;

Corrosion prevention;

Wells survey, construction and workover;

Metallurgy. Metalworking;

Pumps. Compressors;

Fire safety. Environment. PPE;

Field development and exploitation;


Special-purpose equipment;


Transport, storage and processing of oil and gas;

Pipeline fittings;

Power generating and electrical equipment.

Please note that publication in the journal for the authors of scientific articles is free!

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