Территория Нефтегаз № 4 2011

Разработка месторождений

»  01.04.2011 10:00 Комплексная программа по вовлечению в разработку недренируемых запасов, оптимизации баланса воды и давления закачки в системе ППД Мамонтовского месторождения
Complex program about involving of non-draining reserves in development and optimization of water balance and injection pressure in Mamont field pressure maintenance system. A.N. Yantudin, R.H. Kamaletdinov, «Rosneft-UfaNIPI neft» One of the main problems, typical for fields under late development stage (such as Mamont field), is significant nonoperating well stock, allowing potentially to execute various geologic technical orders in order to increase the oil production and ultimate oil recovery. The aim of the work was to achieve the maximum use of the well stock potential and increase of ultimate recovery factor of the Mamont field. The following tasks were solved: The average reservoir pressure increase, Variation of the filtration flows directions, Placing of wells or well pads on production. The full realization of the whole represented complex program allows to produce additionally above 2 million tons of oil during 5 years and increase the ultimate predicted recovery factor at Mamont field reservoirs. Keywords: optimization, pressure, program, development, waterflooding
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