Территория Нефтегаз № 4 2011

Разработка месторождений

»  01.04.2011 10:00 Оценка коэффициента охвата сеткой с использованием данных эксплуатации скважин
SWEEP EFFICIENCY ESTIMATION USING PRODUCTION DATA E.V. Yudin, A.A. Lubnin, LLS «RN-Yuganskneftegas»; A.P. Roschektaev, LLC «RN-UfaNIPIneft» In this paper analytical expression for the sweep efficiency and the calculation of involved reserves in heterogeneous reservoirs are derived. It is assumed that the producing formation is a set of sand bodies, separated by low-permeability zones. Some of the bodies are penetrated by productions and injections wells. The oil in these bodies is displaced by injected agent. Other bodies are penetrated only by producers and depletion occurs in this case. The third group of bodies is not penetrated by neither type of wells or injectors alone. Such reserves are not involved in development. The paper presents algorithms for determining the sweep efficiency and involved reserves of such reservoirs. Proposed techniques have been tested on actual data of RN-Yuganskneftegas LLS field. A distinctive feature of the article submitted is that calculation of the considered coefficients is based on the sand-body distribution function obtained from the production data. Keywords: sweep efficiency, production data, heterogeneous reservoir, sand-body distribution function.
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