Территория Нефтегаз № 5 2011


»  01.05.2011 10:00 Анализ экологической ситуации и проблемы защиты окружающей среды в Азербайджанской Республике
The analysis of ecological situation and problems of environmental protection in the Azerbaijan Republic.
A. Huseynov, Azerbaijan Technical University Working out the measures to be taken on Ctate Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR ) production ecologic safety of the article briefly characterizes SOCAR activity on fulfilling the laws of environment preservation and its safety for increasing the ecologically industrial level. SOCAR is a huge complex joining different enterprises and organizations in which harmful, toxic, explosive, and other agents are mined, used, refined, kept and transported. SOCAR ecological policy is the main document reflecting priorities providing preservation of environment and its safety and efficient usage of natural recourses. This document defines aspects, stages, priorities, scientific and organizational duties of all future steps to be taken in ecological sphere. Кеywords: environmental safety, soil contamination, oil spill, enterprises
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