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»  01.05.2011 10:00 Анализ эксплуатационной надежности УЭЦН и методы прогнозирования отказов
ESP Reliability Analysis and Failure Prediction Technique
V. Chernikov, Gubkin Oil and Gas University In many oil-producing areas ESP systems are managed in wells extremely inefficiently. Especially it is appreciable on an example high-production wells when due to insufficient analysis of downhole ESP equipment reliability there is a premature equipment failure. Thus, often mean time to failure (MTT F) demanded by customer is not reached. Premature equipment failure and also the idle of well running time connected with them conduct to high material losses of production companies and, hence, and to high penalties for service companies. And considering the market condition which has established at the moment and the high prices for oil, this question becomes especially actual. Thus, downhole ESP equipment reliability increase and deeper analysis of reliability can allow to reveal equipment failure principal root cause, and also to offer way to increase run life. Keywords: reliability, ESP, mean time to failure (MTT F), ESP system failure, run life prediction.
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