Территория Нефтегаз № 5 2011

Эксплуатация скважин

»  01.05.2011 10:00 Геолого-физические и промысловые факторы, определяющие эффективность создания водоизолирующих экранов при заканчивании и эксплуатации нефтяных скважин
Geophysical and Field factors Influencing Water Shutoff Screens Eff iciency in Completion and Operation of Oil Wells
R.Gilyazov, R. Rakhimkulov, «BashNIPI neft» – «Bashneft»; A.Gilyazov, «Bashneft-Bureniyе» – «Bashneft» On the basis of long-term test well operation data for Tuymazinskoe and Arlanskoe oil fields, operated by Joint Stock Oil Company Bashneft, the authors define certain trends and identify a number of geophysical factors which influence the efficiency of water shutoff screens. The results of the analysis are presented in graphic and tabular forms. The suggested approach contributes to the development of the theory and practice behind water shutoff screens and can help accurately predict the success of zonal isolation and efficiency of overall production operations. Key words: water shutoff screens, water inflow restriction, zonal isolation, coning, well completion.
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