Gazovaya promyshlennost’ № 01 2019

Read in this issue:

Automation (including Robotics for oil and gas industry, Software systems, Data analysis, etc.)

»  Problem solution of control of a cluster of gas wells with different productive characteristics

Drilling and well construction

»  Development of the algorithm of management of the top drive for drilling wells with a big division from the vertical

Gas distribution and gas supply

»  Gas export from the Russian Federation: structure and dynamics of supply


»  Improvement of the efficiency of the development and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits in the southeastern part of the Nizhnevartovsky anticlinal fold based on the facial analysis of the YuV1/1 reservoir


»  Analysis of pressure dynamics during operation of Cenomanian gas deposits of the southern part of the Nadym-Purskaya oil and gas area
»  Improvement of operational efficiency of triethylene glycol dehydration unit at the Zapadno-Tarkosalinsky gas field
»  Improvement of accuracy of the interpretation of the hydro-dynamic well surveys penetrating Achimov deposits of the Urengoyskoe field


»  Innovations in the area of maritime construction: from pipes to pipeline – the TurkStream project

Gas and gas condensate processing

»  Identification of the static characteristics of the combustion chamber of the synthesis gas generator
»  Development of an interactive model of the absorption of the petroleum gas components

Repair and diagnostics of main pipelines, compressor plants and pumping stations

»  On the possibility of identification of the underfilm corrosion centers of gas pipelines by hydrogen emission
»  Laboratory methodology for strength assessment of the adhesive contact of polymer protective coating to the metal pipe for normal fracture

Gas and gas condensate transportation

»  Reliability of main gas pipelines: formation, development and modern situation


»  Main problems and principles of construction of vertical-integrated information systems for environmental protection

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