Gazovaya promyshlennost’ № 05 2018

Read in this issue:

Automation (including Robotics for oil and gas industry, Software systems, Data analysis, etc.)

»  Integrated system of monitoring, warning and preparation for action on localization and elimination of emergency situations at dangerous production objects of Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan LLC

Drilling and well construction

»  Gas manifestations during stabilization of deep wells in the complicated mining and geological conditions

Геология и разведка месторождений

»  The role of sub-litospheric thermal convection in hydrocarbons rise at the northwestern margin of the Siberian craton (Russian Federation)


»  Conception of development and evaluation of production capability of the Murmanskoe gas field in the Barents Sea
»  Investigation of the hydrometeorological regime features in the offshore zone of the deep-water shelf of the Sakhalin island in the Sea of Okhotsk


»  Operational safety improvement of industrial pipelines by sound insulation methods

Repair and diagnostics of main pipelines, compressor plants and pumping stations

»  Criteria for the identification of defects in weld joints of gas pipelines by non-destructive testing as a way of increasing the reliability of the gas-distribution and gas-supply systems
»  Residual life assessment of defective pipes of the linear part of the main gas pipeline at the testing facility by stress-test approach


»  Development of approaches to the formation of a single basis of indicators of maintenance and repair of equipment in the oil and gas industry
»  Increase in the fire resistance limits of ship and building structures with hydrocarbon fire

Construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines

»  Issues associated with improving the operational reliability of linear main gas pipelines in the cryolithozone

Gas and gas condensate transportation

»  Theoretical study of methods of the engineering protection of underground pipelines from frost heaving at the areas of the non-continuous distribution of permafrost soils


»  Development of biological preparation on the basis of rhizobacteria and nitrogen-fixing hydrocarbon oxidizing bacteria for restoration and clean-up of contaminated and disturbed lands

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