Gazovaya promyshlennost’ № 05 2022

№ 05 2022

Read in this issue:


»  Effect of carbon steel microstructure on its corrosion in environments containing СО2

New technologies and equipment

»  Methods for solving problems of petroleum field geology, offshore field development, underground gas storage, and geoecology using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR)

Organization of production and management

»  Method for determination of the required return on investment in integrated gas industry projects based on calculated investment values and tariffs
»  A methodological approach to the quantitative risk assessment using the historical simulation method VaR

Repair and diagnostics of main pipelines, compressor plants and pumping stations

»  Experimental study on the pipeline stress-strain state in metal loss areas under bending load

Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

»  Influence of component composition of liquefied natural gas on the process of refueling of the cryogenic on-board fuel systems

Gas and gas condensate transportation

»  Longitudinal stresses calculations in curved sections of long-term operated main gas pipelines
»  Analyzing factors affecting the possibility of condensation of higher homologs of methane in transporting high-ethane rich gas based on a model hypothesis

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