Gazovaya promyshlennost’ № 12 2020

Read in this issue:

Automation (including Robotics for oil and gas industry, Software systems, Data analysis, etc.)

»  Improving the odorant supply system by correcting the dosing algorithm or changing the design of the dosing element

New technologies and equipment

»  Active carbons in gas production, processing, and transportation
»  Gas hydrates: A brief overview of modern foreign research

Gas and gas condensate processing

»  Current state analysis and development forecast for the global helium industry considering helium storage prospects

Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

»  SK index: Index for the sustainability of liquefied natural gas plants


»  Restoring the density function of ultimate stresses distribution in gas pipeline material based on their quantile estimates
»  Underground gas pipeline stability in sporadic permafrost and ice lens areas


»  Reducing the corrosive effect of utility, industrial, and rainfall sewage waters containing water/methanol mixture on the equipment of the system for collection, treatment, and injection of gas field sewage waters to the intake bed

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