Main thematic sections:

  • Automation (including Robotics for oil and gas industry, Software systems, Data analysis, etc.);

  • Construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines;

  • Drilling and well construction;

  • Ecology;

  • Energy supply and saving;

  • Gas and gas condensate processing;

  • Gas and gas condensate production;

  • Gas and gas condensate transportation;

  • Gas distribution and gas supply;

  • Gas engine fuel;

  • Geology and mining;

  • International gas industry;

  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG);

  • New technologies and equipment;

  • Occupational protection and industrial safety;

  • Offshore development;

  • Organization of production and management;

  • Repair and diagnostics of main pipelines, compressor plants and pumping stations;

  • Standardization and quality management;

  • State support in the gas industry;

  • Underground gas storages;

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