Gazovaya promyshlennost’ Спецвыпуск № 2 2019

Read in this issue:

Automation (including Robotics for oil and gas industry, Software systems, Data analysis, etc.)

»  Self-diagnostics system of ultrasonic flow meters as a control function of gas metering station
»  Application of measurement tools in aggressive environments
»  Metrological support of gas pipeline telemechanical systems as the basis of their reliability
»  The Experience of implementing specialized software to improve the efficiency of chemical analysis laboratories
»  Methods for improving metrological reliability of ultrasonic flowmeters exposed to destabilizing factors

Gas distribution and gas supply

»  Gazprom Mezhregiongaz LLC Group of Companies: improvement of Gas Metering System for Consumer Distribution

New technologies and equipment

»  Spectral luminescent flow analysis for trace oxygen determination in natural gas
»  Methodology for identifying the composition of natural gas with variable content using the process chromatograph


»  Metrological support for measuring operations as a basis of efficiency for geophysical works
»  Arranging activities of Gazprom PJSC chemical analytical (testing) laboratories in response to changes in legal requirements. Competence of laboratories as the keystone of products’ safety and quality
»  Prospects of Ural regional metrological center development
»  Concept of developing a state primary special standard in the Russian Federation, for the units of high-pressure natural gas flow rate
»  Verification and calibration system as the basis of metrological support for production
»  Metrological support of quality control over hydrocarbon feedstock and its processing products
»  TС 052 Natural and Liquified Gases: the activity of the national technical committee on standardization

Gas and gas condensate transportation

»  Development of an approach for identification of sources and causes of gas unbalance in gas transmission system


»  Metrological support of business processes implementation at Gazprom Energo LLC.

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