Territorija Neftegas № 1-2 2017

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Anticorrosive protection

»  The Purpose And The Goals Of The XIII International Scientific-Practical Conference «The Status And The Prospects Of Application Of Protective Coatings Of The Equipment And The Facilities Of Oil And Gas Industry»

Associated gas

»  The Effectiveness Of GTL Technology For Energy Supply To Oil And Gas Facilities In The Remote Russian Areas


»  Assessment Of Information Value Of The Fluorescent Spectrum Of The Degraded And Diluted Crude Oil


»  Search For Missed Oil – Strategy, Implementation And Results
»  Methods Of Binding The Core To Geophysical Research


»  Isolation Of Extraneous Water Using Nanostructured Foam Cement Mortar
»  Experience Of The Application Of The Paraffin Deposits Remover СНПХ-7р-14А And The Paraffin Deposits Inhibitor СНПХ-7821 In Production Wells In The Area Of The Vankor Deposit
»  Determinination Of Oil Displacement Coefficient Using Exploration Of The Pore Space Structure With The Help Of Capillary Studies
»  Risks And Uncertainties Upstream
»  The Polymer Flooding Technology For The Deposit «White Tiger»

Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage

»  The Problems Statement Of Thawing Halo Regulation Around Pipelines In Areas Of Permafrost Expansion
»  The Optimal Cleaning Frequency Determination For The Air-Gas Channel Of The Axial-Flow Compressors Of A Gas Turbine Engines

Fields Development and operation installation

»  The Researching Of The Limits Of Endurance Of Welded Joints And Structural Elements Of The Offshore Oil And Gas Installations
»  Features Of Phase Diagram Of Oils With High Content Of Asphaltenes And Resins

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