Territorija Neftegas № 10 2013

Read in this issue:

Anticorrosive protection

»  Corrosion and stress-corrosion damage to main gas pipelines including the pumped gas elastic energy impact

Associated gas

»  Energy potential of associated oil gas. Measurement of the breakthrough gas in the total volume of the well production


»  Method, device for its implementation and the mathematical model for determining the fuel consumption-containing undissolved water
»  Experimental research of SHF parametres cavity resonator in relation to the measurements of free moisture in fuel
»  Development of practical solutions to improve efficiency by usage water cut wells stock


»  Use of light ventilated foundations under gas pumping units on compressor plants in complicated geological conditions of Yamal fields group


»  Analysis of comparability of the results of intrapipeline inspection and rejection of pipes


»  Small diameter wells drilling as the method to reduce costs during construction of operation and exploratory wells


»  Oil production power in the complicated conditions

Fields facilities installation

»  Management of the oil and gas fields infrastructure facilities integrity. Performance indicators


»  A new light on the tectonic structure Gydan oil & gas region (West Siberia)
»  Consistent patterns found during log-inject-log surveys to specify the geology of oil deposits of complicated structure

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Monitoring of reliability of oil gas objects by methods of the system analysis
»  Analysis of the standards governing the determination of the impact of the ice fields of technical facilities

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