Territorija Neftegas № 10 2018

Read in this issue:


»  Development of Teamwork Competencies in the Drilling of Virtual Horizontal Wells in Geonavigation


»  Issues on the Permeability Coefficient Determination by Geophysical Well Logging for the Composite Reservoirs of Vendian Period in the Chayandinskoe Oil and Gas Condensate Field at the Development Drilling Stage
»  The Parameter Interdependency Analysis for Geological Hydrocarbon Field Modeling

Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage

»  Hydrodynamic Justification of the Use of the Karman's Theory for the Calculation of Hydraulic Resistance of Pipelines with Rough Walls in the Presence of Drug Reducing Agents
»  On Operation of Gas Flow Measurement Units equipped with Ultrasonic Flow Transducers

Oilfield chemistry

»  Complex Algorithm for Developing Effective Well-Killing Fluids for Production Wells

Pipelines operation and repair

»  Validation Practice for Reliable Life of Gas Pipeline Sections where Minimal Intervals are Broken


»  Influence of Welding Thermic Cycle on Growth of Austenitе Grain

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