Territorija Neftegas № 11 2015

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Anticorrosive protection

»  On major shortcomings of the «Inner coatings of steel pipes and fittings used in the oil and gas industry» RF national standard draft developed by RosNITI and on inadmissibility of the this standard validity
»  Methodological bases of selecting the drilling pipes efficiency criteria with inner protective coating under specified operating conditions within rated service life


»  Usage of simulation for gas plant multivariable control system structure design

Compressors. Pumps

»  Testing the samples of plastically pressed ropes for tension


»  Results of experimental-industrial implementation of mechanized ultrasonic monitoring means at the facilities of Stroygazmontazh LLC
»  Non-destructive testing of pipelines welded joints made by flash butt welding
»  Improvement of semi-graphical technique of oil wells encroachment mechanisms and selection of candidates for repair and insulation works

Domestic manufacturer

»  The main stages of the products import substitution process used at the facilities of Gazprom PJSC


»  Modeling the test studies of the exposing the producing horizon with liquid-gas mixtures process


»  Identification and assessment of the environmental aspects significance in gas company


»  Determination of probabilistic characteristics of electrical loads based on standard factors and limitations of technological user modes


»  Investigation of efficiency of the water encroachment prevention methods for gas producers on full field model with a dual medium
»  Domestic solutions for killing wells with abnormally high reservoir pressures
»  Tersko-Sunzhenskaya oil-and-gas bearing area oil fields well development efficiency improvement
»  Rheogoniometry for optimizing parameters of oil production stimulation technologies

Oil & gas preparation

»  Improving the energy efficiency of the steam cracking process by reducing of the coke formation

Oil and Gas Transportation

»  The procedure and results of the analysis of hydrocarbon mixture hydrodynamic state in the condensate pipeline
»  Improved reliability level of the gas transportation system, depending on the scope of planned overhaul


»  Gazprom JSC technical policy in the field of welded joints non-destructive testing

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Methods of oil recovery from the gas field productive reservoir at the various development stages
»  Optimization of heterogeneous reservoir development by the example of terrigenous formation D1 of Abdrakhmanovskaya area, Romashkinskoye oil field
»  Improving the efficiency of reserves difficult to recover development by optimizing the well placement and impacts on reservoir while high- viscosity index oil development

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