Territorija Neftegas № 11 2016

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Anticorrosive protection

»  New Trends For Estimating Of The Impact Of Corrosion On Fatique Life Of Offshore Oil And Gas Installations
»  The Features Of Using Metallized Protective Coatings For Corrosion Protection Of Steel Structures Operating In Marine Environment


»  Software Package «Avtotehnolog» – An Element Of The Import Substitution System Software For The Oil Industry In Russia
»  Models Customizing For Real-Time Process Control By Technical-Economic Values


»  Review Of Intratubal Radiographic And Diagnostic Transportation Means Designs – Crawlers


»  Drilling in situ Models
»  Improvement In The Equipment Of The Drilling Bit Roller Cutter Leading Rows
»  Destruction Of Drill Pipe Pins While In Service


»  Analysis Of Energy Management Systems Of Organizations In The Application Of Global Best Practices And Implementation Strategies At Gazprom PJSC


»  Evaluation Of Petroleum Potential Of Upper Paleozoic Deposits Of Northern Ustyurt On The Basis Of Biostratigraphic Analysis
»  Uncertainty Analysis Of Gas Reserves One Of The Fields In Pur-Tazov Basin

Maintenance and repair of oil and gas wells

»  Development And Implementation Of A Virtual Flow Meter For Wells Equipped With Centrifugal Pumps Installations

Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage

»  Rationale For Pipeline Transportation Modes Bituminous Oil
»  Optimization Of Displacement Fluid Process From Oil Pipeline By The Liquid Withdrawal At One End Of Segment And By The Injection Of An Inert Gas On The Other End


»  A Study Of The Operation Of Booster Pumps On The Oil Pumping Stations
»  On Selection Of Electric Centrifugal Pump Stages Material For Complicated Conditions Of Operation

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Modeling Of Formation Damage Due To Injection Of Water With Fine Particles

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