Territorija Neftegas № 12 2014

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Anticorrosive protection

»  Causes of drill pipe body destruction during the operation and advantages of drill pipes with internal protective coating
»  Testing the methods of cathodic stations energy audit for protection of gas distribution systems as exemplified by Gaz Service JSC


»  Software implementation of process design for preparation of works performance at the main gas pipelines in a flooded area


»  Industrial testing of clarifiers using acoustic emission method
»  Development of the technology for identification and repair of gas pipelines potentially hazardous sections by the sign of cross-section stress corrosion cracking


»  Determination the most probable transmission ratios cones of the bit
»  Improvement of the central water jet unit of the tricone drilling bit


»  Statistical method for initial investments appraisal when selecting PV solar panels for a solar power plant

Gas distribution stations and gas supply system

»  Simulation modeling of flow meters operation upon failure or verification of metering devices
»  Enhancing gas distribution plant equipment operational efficiency of Gazprom Transgaz Ufa LLC within the scope of energy-saving projects implementation
»  Application of power turbo-expander units with output up to 5 kW as a part of process equipment of gas distribution plants
»  Analysis of applicable regulatory framework in the area of gas distribution systems operation regulation and recommendations for its improvement


»  Geologic structure and oil-bearing capacity of the Okskiy Superhorizon in the Dymnoye field of the Orenburg region
»  Uncertainty assessment as one of the geostatistical inversion results
»  Updating the pattern of the Upper Jurassic Deposit in the Vat-Yogan field according to the geological and hydrodynamic research data

Transport, storage and processing of oil and gas

»  Theoretical background of the new gas pumping technology on the basis of the GTU exhaust gas heat recovery


»  Physical processes in the welding unit during electrofusion welding

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Arguments for non-stationary waterflooding at the Yuzhno-Vyintoiskoye field

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