Territorija Neftegas № 12 2015

Read in this issue:


»  Geographic information of underground gas storage facilities development and operation
»  Systems of industrial safety: problems of project and expertise


»  Identification and assessment of severity of the main pipeline stress-corrosion defects using acoustic emission method at the enterprises of Gazprom Public Company
»  Technology for conducting the qualification tests of non-destructive testing means. Ultrasonic testing means classification


»  Research into jet discharge from the nozzles with an asymmetric cross section
»  Prediction of pressure upon the casing string and cement stone in the deviated and horizontal wells in the conditions of rock creep


»  Prospects for wind driven power plants application for power supply to the gas industry facilities in the Far North regions


»  Litho-mineralogical composition effects on the petrophysical properties of Khasanovskaya area Carbonic period terrigenous rocks


»  Terrigenous reservoirs rock dissolution investigation in the fluorinated acid compounds
»  Concepts of modeling of disperse mineral phase generation processes during sand ingress under the impact of the magnetic field
»  Studies of radiation exposure of water soluble polymer compositions in order to increase pool oil recovery of the Lower Miocene of the «Bach Ho (White Tiger)» field
»  Water coning control: injection of fresh water below oil-water contact
»  The influence of filtration reservoir characteristics for additional oil production at acid fracturing
»  Nanostructures based on high-molecular anionic surface-active agents and their use

Oil and Gas Transportation

»  Current state and prospects for development of resource saving technologies Gazprom Public Company

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