Territorija Neftegas № 12 2018

Read in this issue:

Anticorrosive protection

»  Goal Quality Assurance of Inner Anti-Corrosive Protection of Welded Joints in Epoxy Coated Steel Pieces of Oilfield Pipelines


»  An Experience in Developing and Implementing a Monitoring System for Remote Communication Sites


»  Establishment of an Energy-Independent Block Valve Station of the Main Oil Pipeline, Located in the Decentralized Power Supply Area


»  Hazardous Geomorphological Processes in Fault Zones Along the Designed Route of the “Kovykta – Irkutsk” Main Gas Pipeline
»  Reconstruction of Environmental and Paleogeographical Conditions for Generation of Upper Paleogene Rock Dg1 of Dongying Formation in Chengbei Sag of Bohai Bay Basin
»  Geological Interpretation Improvement by Multiwave Seismic Data Usage

Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage

»  Choosing of Optimal Operating Mode of a Technological Section of a Trunk Pipeline with Cards of Pipelines Operating Modes


»  About Electric Submersible Pump Stages Design Engineering Digitalization
»  On the Impact of Operating Conditions on the Level of Actual Useful Life of the Equipment ESP

Pipelines operation and maintenance

»  On Optimization of Guiding Gas Line Sections into Major Repair

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