Territorija Neftegas № 2 2015

Read in this issue:


»  Development of the diagnostics analytical stage to enhance efficiency of smart pigging at main gas pipelines


»  Rolling drilling tool driven tips structure geometry improvement
»  Efficiency increase of well development at Eastern Siberia deposits

Gas distribution stations and gas supply system

»  Analytical simulation of Errors in measurement of gas flow in gas distribution systems


»  Prospects for gas-bearing capacity of sedimentary rocks of Ordos basin
»  Lithofacies analysis of terrigene Bobrikovsky deposits, Pronkinskoye field, the Orenburg region
»  Features of the geological structure of tempest in vikulovskie suite sediments

Transport, storage and processing of oil and gas

»  Performance optimization of a compressor shop equipped with power units of various unit capacities at underground gas storages
»  Heat exchanges using anisotropic-porous materials

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Prospects for creation and application of devices for oil refraction and dispersion at the well head survey
»  Influence of formation conductivity on value of rated (designed) and actual value of oil extraction factor
»  Prospects for oil production at the deposits of Khanty-Mansi autonomous area – Ugra

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