Territorija Neftegas № 3 2016

Read in this issue:


»  Automated information support system for oil and gas fields geological and field data


»  Investigation of the peat-alkaline fluid properties for wells drilling in argillaceous rocks
»  Elastoviscoplastic displacement of wellbore walls in deviated and horizontal wellbores
»  Roller drilling bits efficiency improvement for reactive turbo drilling
»  Algorithm of primary exposing of a composite vugular and fracture carbonate oil and gas formation by means of a long horizontal shaft with the combined adjustable pressure

Fields facilities installation

»  Solving resource saving issues in engineering of the oil and gas field development


»  Experience of optical methods application to evaluate the effectiveness of alkaline polymer composite to reservoirs oil recovery enhancement
»  Design optimization of the hollow sucker rod head

Oil and gas storage and refining

»  Optimization technology liquefaction natural gas in order to increase the economic efficiency of the process


»  On the abrasive particle concentration influence on the running hours of electric centrifugal pumps with operating stages made of Ni-resist, type 1, at fields of NK Rosneft JSC
»  Poly-line pump for high-efficiency oil producing ESP systems

Pipelines exploitation and repair

»  Economic efficiency of pipeline construction using composite materials

Fields Development and operation installation

»  The method of on-line monitoring of bottom hole area condition for low-rate wells
»  Geomechanical change of hydrocarbon deposits during their deformational metasomatic alterations
»  Principles of mobile oil distribution mapping

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