Territorija Neftegas № 4 2014

Read in this issue:


»  Development of standard base for the increase of quantity determination reliability of produced crude oil


»  Analysis of the calculation methods of foundations under gas pumping units at compressor plants in complicated geological conditions

Fields facilities installation

»  Risk oriented strategy for managing integrity of oil and gas fields surface infrastructure


»  Features of gas condensate well tests


»  Development of the automation system mathematical model for the sucker rod pump electric drive

Transport, storage and processing of oil and gas

»  Expertise of gas leaks from the gas pipelines with high pressure
»  Comparative analysis of the use the safety valve and the gas cap as systems of protection against hydraulic shock of the marine oil terminal

Pipelines operation and maintenance

»  Research of influence of the form central and lateral gas-intake on uniformity the liquid piston of pump-compressor installations
»  Estimate of the pipeline stress in the underwater crossing section after gas depressurization

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