Territorija Neftegas № 5 2013

Read in this issue:


»  Optimization of control technological oil refining processes according to indices of technical and economic efficiency (on the example of tar viscosity breaking)
»  Operational management of polyethylene production in terms of quality (melt index)


»  Foamed cement insulation material for elimination of high absorption
»  Influence of chamfer on the cutting edge of the polycrystalline diamond cutter on the parameters and performance PDC bits
»  Stuck pipe recovery – smart-gels improve results
»  Development of plugging material for placing of cement plug in hydrophobic environment of oil-based mud (OBM)
»  Updating isolation cement slurry to present-day drilling conditions on Volga-Ural fields

Field Development

»  On the need to study non-uniformity of multilayer formations of oil fields using geostatistical methods


»  Research zeolites influence to reliable determination of petrophysical parameters neocomian deposit sin zapolyarnoye field

Well Construction

»  On selection of gas lift wells operation of mature gas production field
»  Synergistic effect in the acid generating systems, based on the acetic acid esters solutions with a surfactants mixture

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