Territorija Neftegas № 5 2016

Read in this issue:

Anticorrosive protection

»  The method of dielectric continuity control of the inner protective polymer coating of OCTG after lateral bending with a specified bend deflection during acceptance delivery testing at the manufacturer’s and at pilot tests at field grounds at the consumer


»  Modelling of gas transport processes at main gas pipelines


»  Destruction of formations with single PDC cutter


»  Current state and prospects for development of resource-saving technologies in Gazprom PJSC
»  Harmonization of investment decisions ecological and economic development of Surgutneftegas OJSC


»  Modeling of oil saturation involving indirect information and given tranzition zone water-oil at the «A» field


»  Hydrodynamic model of gas-liquid flow in a borehole for import substitution of commercial software

Oil and Gas Transportation

»  Application of equivalent model in evaluating the strength of flexible pipes

Oil and Gas Transportation

»  Air temperature variation recording at aircraft gas turbine engine conversion to compressor stations conditions

Underground gas storage

»  Technical approaches to form the development programs for underground gas storage

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Method of accounting for product multilateral wells

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