Territorija Neftegas № 5 2017

Read in this issue:

Geology and geochemistry

»  The Influence of Temperature on the Accuracy of Crude Oil Fractions Identification by a Fluorescence Method

Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage

»  The Third Principle of Using Frozen Soils as The Pipelines Foundation

Oilfield chemistry

»  A Polymer-Free Process Fluid for Hydraulic Fracturing Based on Viscoelastic Surfactants


»  Modern Tendencies of Pump Building Development for Oil and Gas Industry

Pipelines exploitation and repair

»  Development of Automated Control Systems for Main Pipelines Inventory Management

Standardization and quality management

»  Methodology for Selecting Quality Criteria of Structural Elements of Complex Technical Systems for Oil and Gas Industry as the Basis for their Standardization

Wells construction, exploitation and repair

»  Improving Support Equipment for Casing Strings and Their Application in Well Cementing

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Water Production Control in Terrigenous and Carbonate Reservoirs
»  A Field Method of Ethane Recovery from Ethane-Methane Mixture by Combining Ranque-Hilsch Tube and Laval Nozzle

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