Territorija Neftegas № 6 2013

Read in this issue:

Construction and repair of oil and gas wells

»  The technology of invert-emulsion drilling fluids utilization


»  Calculation of optimum values of gas turbines and its control systems reliability characteristics for oil and gas industry uninterruptable power supply

Enhanced oil recovery

»  Methodical basics of ASP flood compounds lab testing

Field Development

»  Improvement technology of development AB1 layer of the Soviet field for effective industrial development

Maintenance and repair of pipelines

»  Determination of process parameters for gas pipeline dismantling


»  Russian valve manufacturing in 2012

Transport, storage and processing of oil and gas

»  Influence of oil rheological characteristics on the design and operation of above-ground field pipelines
»  Problems of reliability and repair of buried subsea pipelines for oil and gaz transport at continental shelf development
»  Features of the protection of the marine oil terminals with consecutive berths from hydraulic water hammer

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