Territorija Neftegas № 6 2014

Read in this issue:

Anticorrosive protection

»  Comparative analysis of the service life of pipelines with inner corrosion-resistant coating and pipelines made of steel 20 KT in the Western Siberia


»  On sensitivity of the non-destructive test methods for fault detection


»  Prospects of application of cycloidal gearing in the oil and gas industry
»  Elaboration of biopolymer mud for wells killing with abnormally low reservoir pressure
»  Mathematical modeling of the composition and properties of drilling fluids on water base with application of the drilling complex reagent BKR-5М
»  Study of drill pipe joint wear resisting properties under friction against rock in various media


»  Effect of geological non-uniformity on extraction efficiency
»  Genetic classification of tempestites


»  Scientometrics in scientific institutions: creativeness harmony check using algebra

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Characterization and directions of rational use of condensates Achimov deposits of the Urengoy oil and gas condensates field

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