Territorija Neftegas № 6 2015

Read in this issue:


»  Justification of choice of the technical means of automation for safety systems
»  Tool for automatic loading the reports on the corrosion study results into Infotech Condition Monitoring Information System


»  Choice of PDC bits in accordance with hardness and abrasion of the formations


»  Main problems of energy saving in the pipeline transport and their solution lines

Gas distribution stations and gas supply system

»  Resource saving technology of the main gas pipeline section shutdown for repair with gas generation by the compressor station for GPU and consumer via gas distribution plant

Pipeline accessories

»  Overview of the Russian pipe valve market in 2014*


»  A new approach to selection of enhanced oil recovery methods on the basis of the fuzzy logics and Bayesian inference mechanisms


»  The study of the influence of ultrasonic pulsed radiation at threaded connection tubing

Transport, storage and processing of oil and gas

»  Definition of optimal parameters in artificial neuron network for gas processing plant model calculation by HYSYS
»  Energotechnological complex on the basis of expander-generator machinery at the compressor station
»  Compressor station efficient operation implementation in compliance with man-made facilities industrial safety principles
»  Theory and calculation method of surge reduction systems

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Development of multifunction composition and technology of killing and washing out of the paraffin deposits in the wells with abnormal low reservoir pressure
»  Performance of water insulation works in wells on the basis of carbamide formaldehyde resin

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