Territorija Neftegas № 7-8 2017

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»  Modelling of Gas Dynamic Processes Associated with Natural Gas Energy Utilization by Applying the Adjustable Volumetric Expander-Generator Sets at Gas Distribution Stations and Gas Control Units


»  Geological Research of Conditions for Formation of the Red-Color Thickness of Oil Field of Eastern Cheleken
»  Peculiarities of Formation of Carbonated Strata in the Upper Paleozoic Era in the East of the Pre-Caspian Basin in View of the Prospects of Oil-and-Gas-Bearing Capacity


»  Polymer Flooding to Increase Oil Recovery at Light and Heavy Oil Fields
»  Preliminary Results of Testing New Oil Recovery Technologies at the Deposits of the Bazhenov Formation
»  3D Paleo-Geomechanical Modeling – a New Approach for the Production, Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing

Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage

»  Areas of Effective Realization of Gasification Projects
»  Technical State Changes Evaluation of the Gas Turbine Engine Axial-Flow Compressor During Operation
»  Mechanics of Horizontal Two-Phase Slug Flow in Pipeline


»  Modernization of Auxiliary Cooling Circuit of a Magnetic Coupling
»  Probability Analysis of Fault-Free Operation of Downhole Pumping Units with the Cable Rod at the Fields of LUKOIL-PERM LLC

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Complex Methodical Approach to Assessment of Oil Properties for Oil-Gas Condensate Reservoirs

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