Territorija Neftegas № 8 2014

Read in this issue:


»  Evaluation of the parent metal and pipeline welded joints metal mechanical properties using non-destructive (sample-free) tests to measure hardness


»  Development methods of studying tribotechnicals aspects of employment power section in the downhole motor
»  Improvement of geometry of the jet roller cutter drilling bit structure


»  Expediency of use in energy refrigerative systems based on expander-generator plants of intermediate refrigerant
»  The possibility to use low-power standalone RES generating plants to supply power to the facilities of the Eastern gas program of Gazprom JSC

Transport, storage and processing of oil and gas

»  Specific features of using the exhaust gas recirculation system in the Fischer–Tropsch synthesis


»  Monitoring and control parameters of arc welding
»  Residual stresses after repair welding of pipes and their control
»  Welder’s competence and qualification in the welding quality assurance system

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Gas condensates Kirinsky block fields of Sakhalin shelf

Pipelines operation and maintenance

»  Variation of pipelines stress condition after repair

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