Territorija Neftegas № 9 2013

Read in this issue:


»  New conceptual approach to protection of submersible equipment from scales


»  Decrease in technological hazards on underwater transitions of the gas pipeline with dangerous geodynamic processes


»  Energy saving in main pipeline gas transportation through renewable energy resources
»  Proposals on provision of information about secondary energy resources (SER) in an energy perfomance certificate

Fields facilities installation

»  Management of integrity of the infrastructure facilities of oil and gas deposits. Infrastructure. Principal definitions


»  Research on mechanical properties of fiber reinforced polymer pipe

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Rise in current gas factor. Influence of gas dissolved in oil-field water on total amount of gas prodused with gas flowstream
»  Analysis of suitability of rectilinear positive displacement motors application without the slope angle regulator unit of a pump in the process of well construction at Samotlor deposit
»  Analysis and evaluative forecasting of the gas wells debits dynamics

Pipelines operation and maintenance

»  Estimate of the pipeline stress in the underwater crossing section using its spatial position parameters

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