Territorija Neftegas № 9 2015

Read in this issue:

Anticorrosive protection

»  On inadmissibility of use of Taber Abraser and similar devices for control of resistance of materials of polymeric coating of pipes of oil schedule to hydroabrasive wear in case of exposure to flow with solid particles
»  On inadmissibility of use of STO VNIIST 7.2-312-0.005-2014 «Paint coatings for corrosion protection of pipe internal surface and fittings of oilfield pipelines. The technical requirements» for periodic testing of the specified coating


»  Guidelines for the feasibility study of Gazprom PJSC gas pipelines pre-repair outage for overhaul
»  A method for the qualitative assessment of the technical condition of metal


»  Quality improvement of the centrifugal three-dimensional reinforced unbalanced helical structure of the roller cutter drilling tool
»  Laboratory analysis of plastifying, highly inhibited drilling mud for the Kynovian argillites

Gas distribution stations and gas supply system

»  Efficiency improvement of maintenance and routine repair of gas distribution plants equipment by the example of Gazprom Transgaz Ufa LLC experience
»  Modernization of gas distribution systems using disposal turboexpanders
»  Enhancing the role of gas distribution plants in the implementation of energy-saving technologies in the gas main pipelines

Oil and gas

»  Automation of the process of liquid removal from gas wells and lines
»  The study of component analysis and physico-chemical properties of reservoir oils on oil fields of pjsoc bashneft and methods of their predicting by using chemometrics


»  Analysis of operation of different valve couple designs of an oil well sucker-rod pump

Transport, storage and processing of oil and gas

»  Algorithm design of frozen ground thermal field definition round pipelines
»  Effectiveness comparison of surge reduction systems and gas accumulators

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