Territorija Neftegas № 9 2016

Read in this issue:


»  Some issues of information and measurement systems and automated electric power supply control systems interaction


»  Theoretical bases and practice of getting plugging materials for cementing steam injection wells


»  Analysis of energy-saving technologies for gas cooling based on air cooling units for gas transport at Gazprom PJSC

Gas distribution stations and gas supply system

»  Field test site of Saratovorgdiagnostika branch of Orgenergogaz LLC – a guarantee of quality and reliable equipment delivery to the existing facilities of Gazprom PJSC


»  Simulation of the productive deposits geological structure in Yarakta horizon
»  Analysis of hydrodynamic connectivity and reservoir properties of different facies zones of the upper part of Vasyugan suite in latitudinal Ob region


»  Analysis of results on the unsteady waterflood well testing
»  Oil recovery factor improved through local infill drilling in zones with maximum net thickness: Ivinskoye oil field case study

Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage

»  Regulation of supersonic separators
»  Improving of methodology of estimating working evaporative losses

Fields Development and operation installation

»  Turret position-keeping system of platform for fields of freezing seas

Pipelines operation and maintenance

»  Holding power evaluation of dragging concrete coated pipe through the bottom trench
»  Strength and durability evaluation of pipes with defects for effective repair planning on the linear part of the main pipelines

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