Suleimanov Baghir Alekper oglu

Suleimanov Baghir Alekper oglu

Suleimanov Baghir Alekper oglu

Place of Birth

Azerbaijan Republic, Baku 

Date of Birth

22 June 1959 


Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute named after M.Azizbekov 

Scientific degree

Doctor of Sciences in Technics 



Topic of PhD thesis:

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Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering

Development and application of methods of well production rates increase based on bottom-hole zone diagnosing 

Topic of doctoral thesis:

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Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering

Theoretical and Practical Applications of Heterogeneous Systems in the Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering  

Election of corresponding member of ANAS:

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30 June 2014

Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering  

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Main scientific achievements

On the basis of physical and mathematical modeling of heterogeneous systems filtration in layered porous media new technologies on enhanced oil recovery, bottomhole zone treatment,  water influx restriction  in the development of oil fields was developed and successfully introduced; it was first observed and theoretically substantiated S-shaped filtration law, which takes place during the filtration of non-Newtonian systems in layered porous media; stationary and non-stationary flow of  Newtonian and non-Newtonian gassed liquids  in subcritical areas was comprehensively studied and it was shown that the flow rate increases dramatically (2-3 times); a new effect was discovered which occurs when flow  non-Newtonian gassed liquids, consisting in a complete modification of the rheological curves, so initially dilatant fluids under certain conditions exhibits pseudoplastic properties, and vice versa; mechanism, the physical nature of the results is presented and a theory is developed based on the slip effect; a method for stages wise structuring is developed based on statistical modeling of oil field development, the calculation of recoverable reserves and peak production; new methods for analysis of oil field development were developed and implemented using fractal and multifractal dimensions; methods for selecting candidate wells for the implementation of various simulation methods  were developed; as a result of modeling of technological processes in oil-producing wells, a new type of downhole equipment - submersible pumps, workover equipment, sand screens, etc., was developed and successfully implemented; a variety of chemicals for oil and gas industry was developed and successfully implemented (demulsifiers, depressants, surfactants, gels, foams, etc.). 

Names of scientific works

1. Specific Features of Heterogeneous System Filtration. Monograph. Series: Modern Petroleum and Gas Technologies. Moscow-Izhewsk: Institute of Computer Science, 2006. -356 p. [in Russian]

2. Experimental Study of the Formation of Fractal Structures During Oil Displacement. Energy Sources. –1995. -Vol.17. -№14. – Pp. 477 – 483. (Сo-author: Salavatov T.Sh.)

3. Slippage Effect During Gassed Oil Displacement. Energy Sources. –1996. -Vol.18. -№7. – Pp. 773 – 779. (Сo-authors: Azizov Kh.F., Abbasov E.M.)

4. Specific Features of the Gas-Liquid Mixture Filtration. Acta Mechanica. - 1998. - Vol. 130, № 1-2. - Pp. 121 - 133. (Сo-authors: Azizov Kh.F., Abbasov E.M.)

5. A New In-Situ CO2 Generating IOR Technology (PBS Technology). Progress in Mining and Oilfield Chemistry (Novelties in Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery – Akademia Kiado, Budapest). - 2000. - Vol. 2. - Pp. 83 - 90. (Сo-authors: Shakhverdiyev A.Kh, Dzhafarov I.S., Brezitsky S.V. et al.)

6. Mechanism of Slip Effect in Gassed Liquid Flow. Colloid Journal. -2011. -Vol.73. -№ 6. -Pp.846–855.

7. Nanofluid for enhanced oil recovery. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. -2011. –Vol.78. –Pp. 431 – 437. (Сo-authors: F.S.Ismailov, E.F.Veliyev)

8. The mechanism of slip in the flow of gassed non-Newtonian liquids. Colloid Journal. -2012. –Vol.74. –№6. –Pp. 726-730.

9. Application of discrete wavelet transform to the solution of boundary value problems for quasi-linear parabolic equations. Applied Mathematics and Computation. -2013. -Vol.219. -Pp. 7036 – 7047 (Сo-authors: O.A.Dyshin)

10. Statistical modeling of life cycle of oil reservoir development. Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute. -2014. –Vol.57. -№1. –Pp.47-57 (Сo-authors: F.S.Ismailov, O.A.Dyshin, S.S.Keldibayeva)

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

Since 2009 – Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) member 

Pedagogical activity

Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Professor 

Other activities

In 1998-2003 he was a member, and in 2003-2006, the Chairman of the Expert Council on "Earth Sciences" of Azerbaijan Supreme Attestation Commission under the President of Azerbaijan Republic. In 2000-2001 he was a deputy chairman of the Council on the problems in Fuel and the Power Industry of the Committee of Science and Technology of the Azerbaijan Republic. Since 2000 he is a full member of the International Eastern Oil Academy. In 2003 - 2009 he was a member of the editorial board of the journal "The Azerbaijani oil industry." In 2003 - 2008 he was a member of the Steering Committee for the development of offshore gas condensate field Shah Deniz, and since 2004 - Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the rational use of energy resources under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic. From 2009 to the present time he is a member of the editorial board of the journal "SOCAR Proceedings" . Is the referee of such journals as Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering, International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology and Energy & Fuels. 

Awarding and prizes

1. Awarded with breastplate “Inventor of the USSR” (1985).

2. Honorable Diploma of SOCAR for special achievements in Development of Oil and Gas Industry of Azerbaijan Republic (2004).

3. Honorable Diploma of SOCAR for special achievements in Development of Oil and Gas Industry of Azerbaijan Republic (2009).

4. The winner of the first Republican contest in the field of invention (Patent EA016802: Multistage centrifugal pump, 2013).

Place of work and its address

“OilGasScientificResearchProject” Institute of SOCAR, Az1012, Baku, H.Zardabi av. 88a 


Deputy Director for Oil and Gas Production Technology of “OilGasScientificResearchProject” Institute, SOCAR 

Office phone

(+994 12) 5211903 


(+994 50) 2187869 

Home phone

(+994 12) 5973393 


(+994 12) 4318708 


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