All scientific articles received by the editorial staff of the journal pass through mandatory double-blind review (the information about the authors of the articles are not disclosed to the reviewers and the authors of the articles do not receive any information about the reviewers). 

The articles are reviewed by the members of the editorial staff, as well as the invited reviewers, the leading specialists of the industrial universities of Russia and other countries. The decision on thereviewer selection for article analysis is taken by Chief Editor and Deputy Chief Editor. The period ofreview is less than 2-4 weeks and can be extended upon the reviewer's request. The reviewer is entitled to refuse preparation of review should there be any express conflict of interestshaving impact on perception and interpretation of the manuscript materials.  Following the results ofthe manuscript review the reviewer gives a reasonable opinion stating that:

  • the article is recommended for publication without any improvement;
  • the article is recommended for publication after all comments made by the reviewer are eliminated; 
  • the article needs additional review by other reviewer;
  • the article can be published in the journal.

Should there be any recommendations for correction and improvement of the article, the editorial staff of the journal sends the text with review to the author advising him/her to take into account therecommendations when preparing a new version of the article, or dispose them (partially or in full) withreason.

The article improvement should not take more than 2 months from the date of sending theelectronic message to the authors about the necessity to make changes. The article improved by theauthor is resent for review.

Should the author refuse the improvement of the articles, he/she should notify thereof, in writing or in words, the editorial staff of his/her refuse to publish the article.

Should the authors fail to return animproved version within 3 months from the date of review sending, even with no information from theauthors on their article improvement refusal, the editorial staff removes it from the list. In suchsituations a relevant notice is sent to the authors of the manuscript removal from the list due toexpiration of time allowed for improvement.

Should there be any insoluble contradictions between the author and reviewers as to the manuscript, the editorial staff is entitled to send it for additional review. In conflict situations the decision is taken bythe editorial staff.

The decision on manuscript publication refusal is taken by the editorial staff in accordance with the reviewers' recommendations. The article that is not recommended by the editorial staff for publicationis not accepted for another review. The author is informed about the publication refusal via e-mail or byphone. 

After the editorial staff of the journal takes the decision on the article authorization for publication, the editorial staff informs the author about it as well, specifying the term for publication. 

A positive review is not a sufficient reason for the article publication. Final decision on publication is taken by the editorial staff. In case of conflict situations the decision is taken by Chief Editor.

The journal reviews all the materials received by the editorial staff that conform to its subject-matter for the purposes of their expertise. All reviewers are acknowledged experts as regards the subject-matter of materials reviewed and have publications on the topic of the article reviewed over the last 3 years. The reviews are kept at the publisher's and in the editorial office of NEFTEGAS Territory journal within 5 years.

Upon review receipt the Editorial staff of the journal shall send the authors of materials submitted the review copies or reasoned refusal, and subject to the relevant request received by the editorial staff it shall be obliged to send review copies to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The review originals are stored by the editorial staff of the journal within 3 years. The articles that were published in other periodicals before are not accepted by the editorial staff for review!